Terms and Conditions

The website copasdelfin.com is an informative site in which you will be able to know, the characteristics, functionality of the products and services that are offered.

This site does not have payment buttons. In order to acquire our products and services, the customer must contact us through the registration form, which will have a response from one of our commercial advisors. They will in detail attend the concerns and facilitate the information related to prices, delivery times, training and certifications.

Commercial Quotes:

Delfín products are made up of machines, accessories, cosmetics, training services and certificates. Its price will depend on the selection the client makes based on his professional profile and commercial scope. Moreover, transportation is included in the final price.

Means of payment:

The DELFIN company, IDEKA SAS has secure payment methods such as:

PayPal: Once the client's preference has been defined, a payment receipt will be sent through the PayPal gateway, which includes in detail the content of the product purchased and its price including the cost of transportation.

Bank Transfer: The DELFIN company, IDEKA SAS has a current account at the CITIBANK Bank of the United States, which is enabled to receive transfers from any part of the world. Once the client has made the transfer, he must send the support issued by the bank. The transaction confirmation requires 3 working days (transactions within the United States) and 8 working days (transactions from other parts of the world).

Western Union: The DELFIN company, IDEKA SAS has a Quick Pay business account which is operated by Western Union. The customer must report to a Western Union main office and request the Quick Pay spin service. The information related to this type of transactions will be informed to the client electronically. Once the customer has made the transfer, he must send the electronically the support issued to the DELFIN company, IDEKA SAS. The confirmation of this type of transaction requires 2 days of work.

Technical Guarantee:

The DELFIN company, IDEKA SAS guarantees that the equipment purchased is free from defects in workmanship and manufacturing materials.

The company DELFIN, IDEKA SAS reserves the right to update the software and to make variations in the presentation of the product, according to the manufacturing lot.

Technical Warranty Time

The company DELFÍN, IDEKA SAS offers a 1 year warranty * on the product purchased. The client may extend the guarantee for an additional year, covering the corresponding costs.

* The guarantee does not cover, when the acquired product evidences damages or fractures due to forceful blows, failure in the electric source and when it is evidenced that the product was manipulated by unauthorized technical personnel.

Effectiveness of Delfín Technology

The efficacy of treatments with Delfín technology is relative from one person to another. It will depend on the proper assessment that the therapist or beautician makes to the patient, the dexterity the therapist has in the use of this technology, the follow-up to the machine management protocols and the due fulfillment by the patient or client of the food recommendations, liquid consumption and energy (moderate exercise).

In any case, the Delfín company recommends that the therapist or beautician inform their patients or clients the scope of this technology with respect to the expected result and its durability over time.

Delivery time:

Once the product payment has been validated, the dispatch will be scheduled, and it takes 3 working days. The Delfin company has international courier accounts that guarantee delivery with high quality standards. Delivery times, depending on the country will be between 5 to 8 working days.

Insurance and Taxes

The Delfín company guarantees the delivery of the product purchased to full satisfaction at the door of the client's address, using international courier companies such as FedEx and DHL. In order to comply with this guarantee, the Delfín company acquires transport insurance which will be liable for loss or damage of the transported product.

The Delfín company does not cover nationalization taxes, the client must meet this obligation according to the rules and laws of his country.

Media and costs

To communicate with the Delfín company there are different electronic means like WhatsApp, Facebook, You Tube and telephone, in this case, customers will assume the costs of the call according to the rates that their operator defines.

The Delfín company has telephone lines in the United States and Colombia.

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