Technical warranty

The Delfín equipment is designed to be used during long hours of work, its parts and accessories are of high durability and quality. In addition, they are manufactured in an own plant with more than 17 years of experience and complying with international quality standards.


The Delfín company offers one year International Technical Warranty Policy that supports your purchase.

Technical Support

The company Delfín has a permanent technical support  service in the United States, Mexico and Colombia and an outsourced technical support in different nations around the world, which guarantees an efficient service.

Training on how to use the equipment

Delfín counts on a group of professionals in physiotherapy certified in aesthetics, who through a video training explain the use of the machine and the correct handling of the Delfin Cups in detail.

We also offer live streaming on Tuesdays by youtube, where the costumers will solve all their questions.

Certification of using the machine

You will receive the certification in "The use of Equipment and application of Delfín Cups" at your registered address. The certificate is an accreditation that will allow you to promote your new services, and ensures the correct use of this technology.

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