Delfín Premium Equipment

The Delfin® Premium equipment is an innovative technology that uses specialized cups of different shapes and sizes in order to effectively treat the skin.

The Delfín Premium equipment is offered with 7 or 5 cups.

Premium Equipment + 7 Cups

The Premium Equipment with 7 cups, allows vacuum therapy, magnetic therapy, cryotherapy and thermotherapy, which includes: two cups for lifting buttocks, a knuckle cup (for cellulite), a molding cup and a pressure cup located with magnetic PIN for the molding of small areas and wellness therapies. Complemented, with two refractory cups, 6 cold devices, two heat devices, two handles for manual therapy and a set of covers for the safety of the therapy.

Certified Training

The client will receive by email the user manual, protocols and a video training.


Also, Delfín offers the possibility to book a Skype training where an Expert will explain the machine program and the principal treatments.

Premium Equipment + 5 Cups

The Deluxe equipment with 5 cups, allows to perform vacuum therapy and magnetic therapy, which includes: two cups for lifting the buttocks, a Knuckle cup (for cellulite), a molding cup and a localized pressure cup with magnetic PIN for the molding of small areas and wellness therapies.

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First shipment:

Get Delfín Equipment + 5 Cups with

   One digital unit with high suction power.

   The following seven ergonomic cups and devices:

  • 2 MEGA or Medium cups for buttock lifting.

  • 1 knuckle cup to treat cellulite and drainage of liquids and toxins.

  • 1 molding cup to define the body contours.

  • 1 localised oressure cup with a magnetic PIN for treatments on the face,  arms, and energy points (reflexology)

  • ​  1  octopus hose, to connect the lifting and refractory cups to  the machine and with a pressure control valve.

  •   1 cosmetic sprayer.

  •   User manual, protocols and video tutorial by email.

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