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What achievement and win do I have with an Dermo Massage equipment ?

Delfin Therapies with the DermoMAssage equipment and the Delfin cups facilitates the therapist to offer more than 30 different protocols with incomparable results; to treat conditions such as localized obesity, cellulities, loss of skin tone, aging skin, localized pain, muscle injuries, post surgical trauma and energetic imbalance and a lot more.

In addition to that, with this technology you can count with a new source of income. With a single equipment you already can compliment your cabin or office.


What skills are required to realize a massage with vacuum therapy and the Delfin cups?

The beautician or therapist must have skills to perform massage techniques and basic knowledge of physiology and skin anatomy.
We recommend consulting the regulations of each country in case you need to comply with additional regulations.
In addition, the company Delfin offers certification in the use of the equipment providing the necessary training material.


Do the massages with the vacuum equipment produce  flaccidity?

There are two reasons why flaccidity may occur:

Every time that treatments are realized with current cups or massagers, characterized by excessive depth and lack of ergonomics, it causes detachment of the skin and weakening of the tissues.

This problem intensify when the used vaccum therapy equipment does not have a pressure control that allows treating each patient according to their physical conditions, so these equipments mistreat the skin by excessive vacuum.

To counter this problem, Delfin created and patented its exclusive cups, ergonomically designed they do not mistreat the skin and make effectively use of the vacuum effect in the pressure massage; with the new equipment of vacuum therapy combined with the DermoMassage equipment, which allows vacuum therapies with controlled pressure, facilitates the application of heat or cold, complementary to each other; with this valuable tool with surprising efficiency , the body is modeled and the skin toned by the massages.


What guarantee offers me the producer?

Delfin Therapies, since 2001, achieved incomparable experiences, manufacturing standards and INVIMA certification ; this way we are able to offer high quality equipments and a guarantee of 1 year.

In addition to that your investment is protected with the testimony of thousands of clients around the world who recognize and referenced products.  You can have total trust and confidence that you invested in the best tool to do massages for the cosmetology and physical rehabilitation. 


With what other equipments can I combine the Vacuum therapy equipments?

The vacuum therapy combined with the DermoMassage equipment is the basis to ensure the best results in treatments and by itself it covers the entire procedure.

But however this equipment can also be alternated with other biomedical technologies, for example: for reducing treatments it is recommended to use the cavitation in the middle of the session; when you want to tone the skin you can also use radio frequency. This equipment adds various benefits and provides results that satisfy the customer.


How long is the delivery time of my equipment?

The online sale increased in the last years, this has made all the processes for payment more agile and safe.


Delfin therapies identify this distribution channel and professionalized it, this way the Company nowadays is able to deliver it's products to any country in the world. Today the company has enough experience to pack and ship your order right after your payment. The customer will receive the tracking number (DHL, FEDEX,); anyway our business consultants make the necessary accompaniment, until the product reaches it's destination at full costumer's satisfaction.

The delivery time is 8 working days, after the shipping is done.


How can I train me in the handling and use of the Delfin Therapies equipments ?

Once you make the order you will receive the user manual, protocols and videos training with specialized coaches; so our customers can be certified for the professional use of this technology and achieve trust for a safe and effective managment.

We also offer live streaming on Tuesdays by youtube, where the costumers will solve all their questions. 


What price can I charge for the services ?

The cost of the cosmetic treatments depends of the socioeconomic level of the attended costumers, for clients of a normal income the prize should be valued up to $60 C/U and for clients with an high income it should be valued up to $120 C/U. Delfín Therapies recommend to offer a package of minimum 12 sessions, which the cosmetologist may negotiate with the customer, in the way that both may benefit.


What does Delfin technology scientifically support?

Thanks to continuous research and study results, Delfin Therapies has evolved vacuum therapy, cryo therapy and thermo therapy for cosmetology and physical rehabilitation.

Currently these techniques have been scientifically rigorous and widely documented with clear results; Delfín Therapies awares of these therapeutic benefits, individual results, leveraging on a single equipment- DermoMassage- all the benefits of the pressure massage (with vacuum) and of heat and cold.


What contraindication must be taken into account in applying this therapies?

 Tumors, Infections or fever, Pacemaker, Diabetes,Vascular disorders, Alterations of skin sensitivity


What are the contraindications of cryotherapy?

Heart disease, Renal problems, Fatty liver, Alterations of blood pressure, Bone rheumatism, Alterations of skin sensitivity,Cold hives,
 Cold allergy

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