Advantages of the Delfín Technology

  • We support our products with patents, guaranteeing their originality.

  • Delfín is a company specialized in technology for aesthetics, which has taken vacummotherapy to a higher level combining it with cryotherapy, thermotherapy and magnetic therapy.

  • We have measurements of the effectiveness of our therapies, based on studies with universities and research centers.

  • Delfín is Art and Technology, we are inspired by the shapes of nature, designing functional, ergonomic and formidable products.

  • We accompany our clients with online training and a complete training material in English, Spanish and French.​

  • We offer double certification to our clients, thanks to interinstitutional collaboration with the European school Euroestetika.

  • We are experts in logistics, which allows us, fast deliveries and ensure efficient technical support.

  • We have a platform for digital, online, and telephone communications, which guarantee the contact with our customers and support in their training.

  • From Colombia we offer our clients a warm and affectionate treatment, establishing relationships of service and long-term friendship.

Industrial Development Delfín

Design and Development

In Delfín therapies we have created a versatile, ergonomic, safe and original line of products for massages with suction cups. It has been designed with organic shapes, inspired by the marine landscape, so our machines, cups and accessories maintain a balance between the functional and the beauty.

This attributes have been recognized with international design and innovation awards, such as the Steel Pencil, Innova Colombia and Santander Link.


Delfín therapies has a bank of projects and patents which have allowed us to build an industry with long-term vision. All our processes have been standardized and this allows us to guarantee their quality.

Our experience of more than 17 years, has been strengthened with the support of UIS (Universidad Industrial de Santander, by its initials in Spanish)  and the research group of the school of physics Gots, entities recognized by COLCIENCIAS, Science, Technology and Innovation Center of Colombia.

Products with Low Carbon Footprint

The Delfín Therapies company has created a line of multifunctional products, incorporating disruptive technologies, which take advantage of alternative energy sources, that minimize the use of electronic parts and facilitate the maintenance of the product's useful life. In this way Delfín Therapies contributes to the environment, with products of low carbon footprint.

Project Portfolio

Delfín therapies is an R&D (Research and Development) company with a portfolio of short, medium and long term projects for its three business units:


Delfín equipment

Functional cosmetics Delfín

Delfín virtual training


In this way, Delfín is able to respond to the needs of its clients, who have a line of specialized equipment for vacumtherapy, functional cosmetics, necessary for the provision of service and access to a training platform for training their clients, with a focus on developing their therapeutic and commercial skills.

All products and Delfín services, have luxury and grace, managing to occupy a place in the heart of their customers

Technical Security

The DelfínTherapy equipment has a formidable pressure control system which includes a command to select the pressure indicated for each therapy on the panel of the machine. The Knuckle cups, Molding, localized pressure and the Octopus connection hose also have manual valves to control the pressure, a condition that makes the massage easier and guarantees the safety of the therapy.


The cooling and heating devices, on the other hand, have a package of covers designed to create a protection in the patient's skin. It is necessary when it is exposed to prolonged thermal conditions. Delfín therapies ensures the safety of therapies with this technology.

* Note: All Delfín products have one year warranty and have direct technical support in the U.S. and Colombia.

Price and Transport


The prices of the Delfín equipment are the lowest in the market, taking into account the variety of protocols that can be developed with this formidable technology, since our customers receive a unique and patented multifunctional machine, which includes vacuum therapy, cryotherapy, thermotherapy and magnetic therapy along with the wonderful Delfín cups. Our price also includes online training and certification.

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We have extensive experience in logistics and packaging, which allows us to guarantee the delivery of your order after 8 working days.  We use certified international couriers and transport insurance.  

Technical Guarantee

All our products have a technical guarantee of ONE YEAR, which includes, if necessary, transportation costs and technical spare parts. We have authorized technical support in the United States and Colombia.

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