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Delfín is a recognized Colombian company with more than 17 years of trajectory, dedicated to the design and development of the Vacumtherapy with specialized cups for Lifting, Molding, Cryolipolysis, Thermotherapy and magnetic therapy.

We have 6 patents that guarantee the originality of all our products, which in addition have a high level of recognition, thanks to the international awards obtained, and thousands of customers around the world, who testify about their experience and the results that our technology offers.

Delfín Company Profile and Achievements

At Delfín we grow through knowledge management, development of human talent, appropriation of information and communications technology and continuous improvement. This development framework allows us to proudly achieve international recognition of the Delfín® Brand and build an unparalleled customer experience with our products.

CEO Delfín Company

The CEO of Delfín Therapies Company is Mr. Federico Streithorst, Business Administrator of the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga; with specializations in:  Innovation Management, Universidad del Rosario; Sustainable Development Management, Grupo Zery; Quality Management, ICONTEC, Digital Marketing, Universidad Javeriana and NLP Coaching from Universidad Javeriana.


Delfin® was born from the initiative of its CEO Mr. Federico Streithorst, who when suffering a hip injury, found the reason and motivation to dedicate his professional life, in the creation of the innovative "Delfín Therapies System", a revolutionary concept that responds to the technical needs and professional development of our customers, receiving professional vacumtherapy equipment, consumable functional cosmetics, and the necessary training to ensure the proper use of this technology.


It is thanks to the originality of Delfín products that the company has obtained 8 patents for its different technologies, allowing us to ensure that our entire line of machines, cups and devices are unique in the world:

  1. Patent of Invention: Vacuum bell with interchangeable bases, for vacumtherapy treatments. No. 29385 expires on 30/12/2028.

  2. Patent of invention: Autonomous vacuum bell, for vacuum therapy treatments No. 29386 Expires on 12/07/2032.

  3. Patent of Invention: Device of measurement of the elasticity of the skin, with 3D optical means. Expires 02/12/2034.

  4. Industrial Design Patent: Ergonomic Massager for Vacuum Therapy No. 4746.

  5. Industrial Design Patent: Vacuum cup for Vacumtherapy No. 5819.

  6. Patent Utility Model: Folding chair with medium to vary its height No. 693.

Our company permanently maintains its innovative spirit, and plans the development of new technologies and products that complement the existing ones and revolutionize the cosmetology market in the world.


The Delfin® Company was awarded a Steel Pencil in the Product Design category in 2004, three INNOVA Colombia Awards in 2007, 2008 and 2009, Best Innovation category, and recognition from the Enlace y Tecnología Foundation in 2016, with the Award for Best Innovative Company in Santander Colombia.

Corporate Principles


  • Innovation and originality: All our projects are our own ideas and respect the human talent of others.

  • Teamwork: We involve all human resources to achieve objectives.

  • Motivation: We want what we do and we enjoy doing it.

  • Probity: We build a business with profits proportional to the inventive height of our developments, to the risk assumed by our shareholders and to the perception of value of our clients.

  • Quality: We do things right through documentation of processes and continuous improvement with the aim of satisfying our customers.

  • Health protection: All our designs are ergonomic and aim to protect occupational health and well-being at work.

  • Environmental responsibility: We respect the environment, since our products consume low levels of energy, promise a long useful life and take advantage of conventional technical resources.



  • Honesty: We act with transparency, understanding that collective interests must prevail over private interests in order to achieve our missionary purposes.

  • Loyalty: We watch over the confidentiality of the information and ensure the good name of the company.

  • Coexistence: We maintain a willingness to dialogue in daily interaction, as a starting point for conflict resolution.

  • Solidarity: We always act with a willingness to help colleagues when they need support.

  • Justice: We provide each human being with what is due to him or her in accordance with his or her merits and rights.

  • Belonging: We carry out our life project compatible with the work project, maintaining the desire and motivation to contribute to institutional development, through our intellectual and physical capacity.


Delfín Therapies also maintains a technological alliance with the School of Physics of the Industrial University of Santander, measuring the results of the different treatments using 3D Optical Vision technology.

Delfín® also grows in alliance with the renowned Euroestetika® School, which provides a group of teachers, specialized in physiotherapy and cosmetology, for the development of scientific contents of its revolutionary technology.


We are located in:

Street 52 #31-68 Cabecera del Llano, Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia, Sur América

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